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If your website/blog has dropped from the first page fold to the nether realms of the SERP’s, great chances are you’ve been hit by the Penguin – Google’s next virtual animal. Adversely, only a meager 8% of sites that were affected by Penguin were able to revive to new till date, and if you’ve not made in to the above list despite your diligent efforts, it’s time to commission the Google Penguin Recovery Watchdogs at Advent Interactive.

We understand that handling this rather tragic episode on your own is overwhelming especially considering the tremendous ongoing efforts you have to implement.

Our dedicated team of Google Panda Recovery Watchdogs does just that, analyzes your site in all respects, and renders the quickest yet efficient solutions. Nevertheless, we are not magicians, but can only implement our years of unrivaled expertise with Panda and a few Penguin success stories to our credit.

What may have caused the Drop in SEO Rankings?

There are many reasons why you may have got your feet wet with the Penguin including:

  • Attracting backlinks from bad neighborhoods
  • Hidden text and links within your website
  • Extensive interlinking and backlinks from non authoritative websites
  • Violate Google guidelines
  • Massive syndicated content and poor quality article submission

Can Advent Interactive Help? Our 10 years of SEO Expertise definitely can!

Our Solution:

  • Use proprietary tools to analyze and eradicate un-natural and spammy links
  • Evaluate your current content and prune links if needed
  • Removing bad elements of your site that may be detrimental to future rankings
  • Ensure your website is in accordance to upcoming Google updates

The answer is simple. If you can do all of the above + manage your current SEO campaigns + update your website + keep up with the latest Google latest updates, we wish you the best! If you’re uncertain or just need professional help, let Advent Interactive nail the Penguin.


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